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Riverlake Kayaks, Clackamas River, Estacada, Oregon

Kayaking on the Clackamas River. This was one of the best deals in the world -- $10 for a kayak all day. That's it. Check it out at http://www.lancelilienthal.comThe weather was perfect for paddl...

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Estacada Lake

Kayaking Estacada Lake, Oregon

I put in at Timber Park on Estacada Lake ( also known as River Mill Lake) and paddle the length of the lake to Cazadero Dam and back. This is a section of the Clackamas River between River Mill Dam an...

Kayak Estacada lake

I swap bike for boat and take it easy exploring Estacada lake. Shot with my new Gopro hero 4 Silver.

Kayak Duet

Jeremy & Jamie singing on Estacada Lake